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Social psychology tells us how the human tendency to be ‘drawn’ to lights reflects primal programming: our instincts for a sense of community, for discoveries and explorations have associations with fire –  and lights – that are as old as time. It’s really no wonder that lights help define our reasons to celebrate life!

If ‘well planned is half the work done’ with festive prep, then here are some fun décor ideas to radiate feel-good energy.

Accent Lights: What are they & some top picks

Smouldering and sensual? Cosy and casual? Easy-peasy but elegant? Accent lights refer to one or few lighting pieces or installations designed to literally put the spotlight on a mood.

They can be placed such that they highlight the inherent beauty of particular spaces, and their supporting accessories.

Accent Light Stye: Lamps

Lamps are one of the easiest and inclusive ways of setting a festive mood. The size, height, type of lamp ‘shade’ and lamp placement are key factors for ensuring the end result is balanced, and complements existing décor.

Right now, we’re loving ceramic lamps for their modest earthiness, which not only makes them beautiful just as they are, but also very versatile because of their non-intrusive sophistication.

Choose ceramic lamps in classic neutral colours and they’ll fit in seamlessly, just about anywhere you want them to. While they do perfectly well on their own, styling them with plants and flowers creates attractive textural and colour contrasts, which can really freshen up the rest of the space.

Accent Light Style: Fairy lights….with a ‘twist’

Strings of fairy lights have their own delicate beauty. How about some origami shapes that double up as ‘shades’ through which your fairy lights can simply be strung? As the gentle glow spreads out from the folds and tucks, it can create a really dreamy atmosphere for an intimate gathering.

Besides, it’s a lot of fun to get the young ones involved in making their own lamps. Don’t be surprised if they ‘mark their territory’ in the bedroom and playroom with them!

Accent Light Style: Geometric Installations

Geometric frame ceiling lights are clean, modern, and very confident in their minimalism. They catch the eye with their attractive shapes, and allow you – and your guests – to appreciate the beauty of the installation itself and the way the light spreads from within. They’re great statement pieces in almost any big, or small part of the house.

In The Bright Direction

You’re lucky indeed if the location and positioning of your space receives ample natural light. Even if not, figuring a mix of natural and ambient lighting – especially for the areas of your home where you’re likely to entertain guests – is an investment that holds you in good stead even beyond the festive season.

White lights are perhaps more for the ‘drama’ while yellow and other warmer lights are more for a laid-back vibe. White lights in the bathroom can leave anyone in admiration of smooth, sleek details, like marble; whereas they’re just perfect for drawing rooms where you and your guests settle in for a long catch-up.