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Here’s a quick and crisp overview of our home fabrics and furnishings services. 

Whether you enjoy spending time in-store, or browsing on our website online, we’d like you to feel that you’re interacting with a concepts-driven lifestyle experience, and not just a curated store. 

At The Pure Concept Home, we take pleasure in developing new ways for our patrons to engage with everything we’re creating here.

The Designer’s Table

You won’t miss it at our flagship store in Kala Ghoda. We invite architects, interior designers, and everyone shopping for their home to our Designer’s Table; which is a space for free-flowing, interactive discussions on how to turn your home design or interior styling visions into a living reality.

Home Fabrics and Soft Furnishings Advisory Assistance

We don’t charge for in-store advisory assistance with curating a few special choices – be they in fabrics, accessories, or furniture pieces. This is all part of the daily, spontaneous retail experience and it delights us when you find precisely what you’re looking for.

The More In-Depth Consultancy Service

We totally understand. It’s overwhelming, also stressful, when the home design and interior decoration process becomes less about a few favourite updates, and more about the bigger picture.

Here’s how we take the guided experience beyond shopping, into long-term space ideation, with a team of expert designers and stylists.

Starting from a fixed minimum charge (based on the project’s  complexity) we offer:

Drapery and Upholstery Tailoring

Our team will conduct on-site visits to better understand the spatial context of your requirements, before finalising the fabric stitching.

Fabric Concept Ideation

See how texture, drape and fall can define the persona of your space with our creative mood boarding & detail-oriented presentations. We believe this is one of the important make or break parts of the offered service portfolio. Home fabrics and soft furnishings set the tone for the backdrops of a space, and its layered beauty. Eventually, they become its ‘persona,’ for at least some time, seeing as they may not be changed frequently. 

Space Ideation, Design and Styling

A dynamic process for moulding all plans to suit the natural energy and beauty of the space. In short, we’ll take care of it all! From fabric selection and suitable upholstering of customised furniture; to drapery such as curtains, sheers, or blinds, and an ensemble of cushions or rugs to complete specific set-ups.

Turnkey Projects

We’re proud of a steadily growing track record of phased renovation or restoration projects, undertaken with a team of collaborating architects, contractors, and other industry experts. 

Our team will happily accept projects that entail doing up your entire living spaces from scratch. 

To book an appointment for home fabrics and soft furnishings consultancy, or for turnkey solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us on:

Phone: not sure if different number for this work

Email: [email protected]