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At the Kala Ghoda store, we invite architects, interior designers, and everyone shopping for their home to this interactive space. The Designer’s Table is intended for the spontaneous discussions that allow creativity to flourish, giving everyone the space and time they need to savour the details.

Sustainability is an integral part of modern minimalism. Designs can be customised to suit your lifestyle requirements, but we are always more than happy to incorporate reclaimed, or repurposed raw material from older pieces.

The Designer’s Table

We will not tamper with an inherently beautiful element simply for the sake of innovation, but if required, we may try to give it a newer, contemporary medium of expression.

Home Décor store in Mumbai

In-Depth Consultancy

Starting from a fixed minimum charge (based on the assignment’s complexity) our designated consultancy services will take your experience beyond shopping for special pieces, into full-fledged space ideation.

The Pure Concept Home has a team of expert designers and stylists for these consultations.

They will take care of an end-to-end process for you, from fabric selection and suitable upholstering of customised furniture; to drapery such as curtains, sheers, or blinds, and an ensemble of cushions and rugs to complete specific set-ups. Presentations suggesting contextual application of creative concepts, or multipurpose usage where relevant, will be also shared with you.

Turnkey Projects

The Pure Concept Home has a steadily growing track record of phased renovation or restoration projects, undertaken with a team of collaborating architects, contractors, and other industry experts. We also accept projects that entail doing up your entire living spaces from scratch.

To book an appointment for home fabrics and soft furnishings consultancy, or for turnkey solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us on:

Phone: 7208878394 (It can be button that one can click on)
Email: [email protected]

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