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Practiced expertise meets natural intuition. The work of the hand harmonises with high-precision output of guided looms. Here are snapshot glances at some salient features in the fabric development journey.

A respectful amalgamation of traditional and contemporary hand artisanry is always woven into every Pure Concept Home fabric. 

For the threads that hold everything together

In terms of construction, the focus is on the natural texture origins of the threads, (such as cotton and linen) or the nature of the blend (for instance, cotton, linen and wool with nylon, or viscose.)

The idea is to harness the benefits of durability, flexibility, breathability, and naturally high resilience against regular wear and tear, into thread that will eventually be woven into the canvas of the fabric.

With colour, we don’t feel the idea of monochrome magic should be restricted to classic neutral palettes of beige, black, white, and grey; though our love for them is tireless.  ‘Monochrome’ really is about the beauty of any ‘mono’ (one) ‘chrome’ (colour): whether powdery-pastel or dazzling jewel tone; quirky neon, or shot through  with metallic, is completely a matter of preference. 

Fibres are sorted, cleaned or trimmed and then woven or knitted, and twisted or braided into yarns to make threads. The process can be entirely by hand, or partially hand-guided.

Wow-factor weaving

Our fabrics showcase diverse fabric development techniques. There are plain and multiple plain reverse weaves, satin weaves, and twills on one hand. On the other, there are the more nuanced dimensional options, such as chenille and dobby, jacquard and damask.

Pattern placement 

Abstract, geometric, and architecture-inspired designs, or sceneries from Nature and cultural narratives are translated using digital printing and embossing techniques. Tools for coating and evening out the placement are usually run by hand, but can be part of  hand-guided set ups as well, depending on scale and size.

On our Elin fabric, we can see printed artwork depicting a joyful scene of children dancing in a lush, blooming garden. Rose madder-brown hues offer a striking, but inviting contrast to the black-and-white ‘line drawing’ style embroidery. 

Kiruna showcases a dappled-effect design that has first been hand-painted, and then combined with structured texturing to a stylishly edgy, ‘street-chic’ look. 

Idalinnea/Yosuke/Etsu exudes rustic elegance with its digital print, woven linen. 

Masayo/Kiersten/Bodil is defined by its vertical and horizontal modern graphic motifs, inspired by freehand drawing and cleverly reinterpreted in short, linear embroidered marks using a custom stitch.

The flourishing finish 

Well made fabrics really have a life of their own, but don’t they just emerge in full glory when they’re draped for their intended purpose!  Our fabrics lend themselves to all your interior textile styling requirements, be they furniture upholstery, soft goods, curtains, blinds and sheers, or even wall art, if you like.