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We’ve been working on an exclusive fabrics project for a while now, pouring years of fabric development expertise – and respectful experimentation –  into it. Aren’t we delighted to introduce this extensive range, with 200 options to choose from!

The Pure Concept brand has a formidable industry reputation when it comes to home textile artistry. It’s not just backed by years of in-depth knowledge and research, but also respectful experimentation.

Part of this respectful experimentation is finding a balanced blend between traditional techniques, and modern designs or surface developments. It has really made its presence felt in this new collection.

…So, what makes the fabrics special?

Some  are presented as they are, simple, and rustic, such as linens. Their perfection is in their simplicity, for the lightweight construction enhances their natural strengths, and makes their applications versatile, and effortless.

In other varieties, classic dip-dyeing techniques have been used to create interesting colour variations, but in modern-graphic pattern work.

Yet others have a ‘persona’ that speaks for them, with simple stitching that has been given character with bold, and fringed treatments, or a touch of old-world decadence with traditional aari embroidery.

Coat printing has helped familiar colour palettes take centre stage in intriguing pigment strengths.

Fabrics that we may tend to believe are ‘season-specific’ – like velvet – are now as ‘seasonless’ in utility, as they’re ‘timeless’ in their artistry.  Carefully balanced base blends that include cotton and viscose give such velvets  comfortable breathability without compromising the sumptuous texture or cosy experience.

Theme-based collections that speak to your imagination

The idea of organising the fabrics thematically is to share inspirations from culture and travel stories that are close to Chanya Kaur’s heart. If these resonate with you, then they are like Chanya’s personal recommendations for your home.

For instance, Anima pays tribute to the universal life-essence, the spiritual spark that resides within everything. Its eclectic, folksy fabrics are like free-spirited nomads on adventurous travels around the world.

The Cama theme captures the haunting extremes of the world’s oldest desert – Atacama – and scope for resilient beauty in them, as the search for an oasis continues.

Izumi, borrowing from the Japanese word for ‘fountain,’ is for the romanticism of a restful, Zen Sunday, spent by an enigmatic fountain that never stops flowing.

Oja is named after a river in northern Spain. The collection’s organic, stone-washed beauty brings to mind pure water washing over an innocent spirit, filling it with tranquil courage.

Nebu is inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief that gold is a heavenly metal, indestructible and dazzling in every hue. Through this collection, it takes earthly form in gritty ochres, mustards, and deep ambers. Against the darker browns and ‘absolute blacks,’ Nebu says that divine light is brightest, when the darkness is deepest.

Aarde borrows from the Dutch word for ‘earth.’ This theme is not just about earthiness as ‘grounded’ sophistication, but also about the (often private) luxury of  ‘earthing’ rituals, or acts of communication with the earth, to find peace, serenity, and wholeness.

With Nada, the Spanish concept of ‘Nada Prometedor,’ was interpreted, not as ‘nothingness,’ but as ‘nothing-yet.’ This collection’s energy is slow, serene, and calm on the surface, with  a smouldering fire within.

Runda takes its name from the Nairobi suburb of the same name. The place has a historical association with coffee estates, and today is a rather other-worldly, yet very modern wonderland.

What’s more, these theme-based stories come with their own playlist, so you can really immerse yourself in the moods that inspired them.  Access  the playlists online, by clicking on your chosen theme, and navigating through the corresponding hyperlink provided. Yes, the tunes will play in-store too!

Loving shopping online? Swapping swatches will be fun, not stressful

Use the interactive Style With feature, which suggests other options that work well with your choice, put together by our in-house experts. You’ll love the Create My Fabric Board feature just as much. It organises all your shortlisted samples together in one place – your fabric board.

….Or, avail our ‘Designer’s Table’ service at the flagship store

A personalised consultation with our  founder-creative head, Chanya Kaur – and her team of experts – will help sharpen that home styling vision. They’d be delighted to help you through the crucial decisions, given how the way fabrics run through a layout can really make or break the aesthetics of a living space.

The new high design range Is available only at our Kala Ghoda flagship store, and online at