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The Pure Concept Home is not simply a furnishings store. We help bring living space concepts to life. As part of our services portfolio, we offer end-to-end solutions for everything from soft furnishings consultancy, to phased refurbishment, and large-scale turnkey projects from scratch.

Let us take you through some highlights of our creative design and styling process for these projects!

The timeless structural or aesthetic elements are always honoured

Some features of life and work spaces stand the tests of time with good reason. They’re inherently sturdy, and indisputably classic in their appeal. We choose to work around them instead of doing away with them.

Rich wooden structural frames, wooden panels or cabinetry, as well as smooth, earthy palette marble flooring can be as contemporary as they’re traditional.

Sometimes, we see a building already has double height ceilings, or high beams: these are features that make a space feel expansive and inviting, and they need to be

We have a finger on the pulse of popular global trends in interior design and styling

The brown and ‘greige’ (grey + beige) colour palette trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon! We enjoy working with it, because of its effortless sophistication.

We’re equally in love with pattern-play experiments, which come through when we combine ornate wallpapering, with deep, rich monotones like blue, sage greens, or even black.

Scales and perspectives are so important. We follow a fabric-wall-furniture-fabric narrative

Often, upholstery fabrics and other soft furnishings are chosen towards the end of the design and execution process. We like to consider them as a starting point.

It helps us consider different scales, and then balance them to create seamlessness. As a result, parts of the living space, with even the most distinct design personas, will have a common denominator unifying their aesthetics.

Sometimes, we see interesting earth-and-metal tints or textures making a place for themselves in such a narrative. The end result is fresh and confident, because it’s simple, and familiar, but with futuristic, industrial-chic panache.

For example, leaning bookshelves with clean geometric lines which orchestrate themselves with sleek overhead lighting installations, which have been crafted out of  metal. Walls will have abstract graphic art, and house plants add their natural pop of fresh green.

We like to let Nature in, and help us set the stage!

Natural lighting is the ultimate ‘mood lighting.’ If the structure and layout of a living space accommodates ample incoming natural light, then we make sure to choose supportive colour schemes;  textures; as well as thoughtful shapes and silhouettes in custom furniture, or product design. The idea is that natural light should interact with them and vice versa, for mood effects that are sometimes playfully dramatic, sometimes decadent, and at other times, simply comforting.

Terrace areas are styled to create private sanctuaries that are connected to the rest of the house, but also immersed in their own world. Here, the aesthetics are simple and earthy, so the plants and flowers can do all the talking.

Furniture and floor coverings that add new joy and comfort in your lifestyle

Think sectional sofas; round, sculpted pouffes and balcony furniture; low-lying nested tables; or cosy standalone chairs. They are matched with the most masterfully crafted rugs, some of which have been hand-tufted, with lightweight, 100% New Zealand wool for cosy breathability in all seasons. All of these come together, to add their own touch of informal, inviting warmth.

Would you like us to help you plan and design your living spaces?

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