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Travelling for the summer holidays isn’t the same, and staycations have not just newfound popularity, but newfound respect. One of the signs of a staycation idea brewing in the backdrop, is the desire to break away from the usual routine, and we’ve got some fun ideas for you!

The first step towards planning a great staycation is ensuring that you’re taking every family member’s ideas on board. It’s a great bonding exercise, because everyone can pleasantly surprise each other when they discover hidden skills or newly developing lifestyle views. 

The Setting: Improvise with what’s already there

If you’ve been putting together ideas for a home makeover, and are getting an opportunity to execute them now, then that  new coat of paint, or wallpaper is – quite literally – a fresh background canvas to a holiday mood, for the whole household. The same applies if you’ve just received the exciting cabinetry or accent chairs you’ve been waiting on.

This isn’t the case with everyone, ofcourse. But, sometimes, the greatest ideas are right before us. For example, a simple exercise of moving furniture makes space for everyone’s lounging style. In this way, everyone can spend time together, but by being comfortable in their own ways.

This is important when it’s time to binge-watch holiday specials, concerts, sporting events, or family memories on film. But, don’t forget those who like to sprawl on the rugs with cushions all around them!

Use the balcony, terrace, front or back garden, or patio for picnics, barbecues and even cook-off competitions. You’ll need baskets or trays, smooth functional tables, and comfy lounging chairs. Again – if you’ve got furniture or accessories that fit the bill, give them some holiday ‘home’work to do!

Get creative with the house drapes

Recreate the vibe of a favourite beachside holiday, with diaphanous  sheers on your four-poster bed. You can use them, or any other soft-coloured, lightweight material you have, to make  whimsical room dividers – especially if your spaces allow ample fresh breeze, and sunlight in. 

We’re so used to thinking transforming  a room with curtains. Why not consider the possibility of doing so without them? Maybe you have spectacular scenery around you; and removing the curtains entirely gives you that special holiday benefit: a room with a view!

Soft furnishings and linens can be used to create pillow or blanket forts for kids. Let them make and decorate their own forts to keep their creative juices flowing.


Staycations are meant to ‘cheat’ the daily routine, so it can have its share of ‘cheat meals’ too! Even the smallest change of detail: bagels instead of the daily toast, or a selection of tropical fruits besides the everyday-reliable banana, can make us feel like we’re on a break.

Remember to enjoy the beautiful things in your own house. Bring out fresher, more vibrant table mats and runners, and the cutlery-crockery you tend to reserve for guests.

Introduce family to the joys of grounded lifestyle aesthetics, with smooth ceramic bowls or wooden platters, and a healthy salad or smoothie recipe they can try for themselves. Use them for table arrangements that allow people to ‘dig in’ to the dishes together.

A final touch of romance or intrigue, through fragrance

Candles with versatile scents like vanilla or cinnamon infuse freshness, peace and relaxed sensuality, whether your holiday memories are of a summer evening by the sea, or a crisp winter’s morning in the woodlands. 

The relentless explorer in you might like to try one-of-a-kind potpourri from French fragrance house Mad et Len, available in India, only with The Pure Concept Home. It has authentic Sahara desert lava rocks which have been carried by Bedouin nomads. They’ve been infused with pure perfume, in a remote, French Alpine village where Mad et Len operates.