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styling coffee table

Sprucing up your living space with fancy coffee table books is a cool trick that top-notch interior stylists swear by. Take a look at your favourite design magazines, and you’ll see what we mean – the pros love stacking books in a way that adds a touch of class to any room. From entryway tables to cosy nightstands, and of course, the central feature of your living room – the coffee table – a well-arranged stack of books effortlessly claims its place.

These books play a subtle ode to your intellect and act like a little window into your interests.

Picking coffee table books is a bit different from grabbing your usual reads. You’re not going to read these cover to cover – they’re more like chic decorations. Pay attention to their covers, spines, sizes, and the harmony they create within your colour scheme.

But how do you curate this impeccable display? Now, here’s the scoop on how to do it right!

For starters mix and match colours. When you glance at your book gang, it should feel like a friendly crew. That’s why sticking to one colour scheme usually works wonders. Sometimes, throwing in a book with a totally different colour can make things pop. This clever tactic involves choosing hues from your room’s existing colour palette. For an extra touch of style, consider crafting a beautiful ombré effect with spines of similar shades, such as neutrals transitioning from light to dark, or a collection of serene cool tones like greens, blues, or purples.

Just like colours, play around with sizes as well. Larger books get comfy at the bottom of a horizontal stack, and small ones stand proudly together vertically supported by bookends. Avoid letting small books fade away on spacious coffee tables; instead, reserve them for cosy end tables or bedside tables where their charm won’t be overshadowed.

Books aren’t just for reading, they can also serve as bases or boosts. They’re like sturdy platforms for showing off vases, candles, or art that needs a lift. Match the book colour with the shelf or table for a slick look. Feel free to experiment – it’s like a pro interior stylist pairing a two-tone vase with a sweet light-dark book stack.

The number of books in your stack depends on whether it stands alone or serves as a foundation for other statement pieces. If it’s a solo show, grab 2-5 books. If you’ve got a cool vase or sculpture stealing the spotlight, 1-3 books is the way to go.

In the realm of coffee table books, Hardcovers are the VIPs. As for what’s inside, travel logs, awesome photos, amazing buildings, gardening tips, yummy recipes, architecture, or fashion stories – they all work. Pick ones that show off what you’re into, whether that’s cute animals or the history.

Long story short, arranging coffee table books is like art. Let your personality shine, embrace colours and textures, and showcase your interests with creativity and elegance.