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Marble Plinths

In the world of home décor, there are countless ways to express your personal style and taste. When it comes to interior design, furniture like sofas, chairs, and tables get all the attention. But often, it’s the small items in a room that can have a big impact. Enter, the marble plinth. Typically used to display sculptures or art pieces, these elegant pieces can elevate any interior to the next level.

Let’s explore the different ways you can use marble plinths in your home décor.

Marble plinths are bold and make a statement in any room. You can choose to go for big and bold or minimal and understated. Use large plinths as a show-stopping statement piece, or smaller ones to showcase a unique plant or vase that would otherwise sit on a table or shelf. These pieces are an easy add that can make your space appear much more polished.

They also vary greatly in height, which makes it easy to engage with scale in your interior design. Mix and match shorter and taller plinths to create an interesting focal point in your room and to draw the eye up. By bringing sculptures, plants or even lamps up off of the ground, you add new levels of dimension and interest to your space.

These plinths can also be used as an accent piece of furniture. Use them as a standalone piece or as a base for other décor items, such as vases or candles. In small spaces, a marble plinth can substitute the usual coffee table, adding functionality without taking up too much visual space. The smooth, cool surface of the marble adds a sophisticated touch that can enhance the aesthetic of your room.

Beige and white aren’t the only options when it comes to marble. You can find plinths in a range of hues, from cool gray to warm speckled purples. Using different colors of marble can add subtle color-blocking effects, or provide a pop of color.

You don’t have to use the marble plinth in the same traditional way. Use them in all sorts of creative ways, such as an extra surface area to hold cocktails at a party or for serving cheese after dinner. The plinth can be a side table, bookshelf end piece, or add hard angles to a room that tends to feel soft.

They are a versatile and stylish addition to your home décor. Whether you use them to display artwork, act as accent furniture, showcase your plants and candles, or display personal items, a marble plinth will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room. Plus, with their classic and timeless design, they are a great investment that will last for years to come. The possibilities are endless, so why not add a marble plinth to your home décor and elevate your interior design game?