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ceramic home decor

Ceramics have strength and beauty that are quite literally of the Earth, which is why we’ll always find our creative instincts returning to them. 

It’s really as simple as that, but how does it begin to translate?

We’ve all been there. Those times when we’re surveying our spaces, catching sight of ‘uninspiring’ corners that nag at us with an urgency only we can feel; grappling with the impatience because something feels ‘off’ or ‘tired’ but we can’t quite figure out what it is.

In their unassuming energy, lies the versatility of ceramic forms. They don’t have to try too hard to become part of the picture. 


In a hyper-stimulated world, it can be hard to fight off the tendency to assign very deep meanings to the design of everything. 

Ceramics simply take that pressure off. 

That need to commit to intellectualising the details? With ceramics, not really required.

There’s no forcing of an outcome with ceramics – be they functional, or decorative. They neither overtake the space, nor do they submit to it to such an extent that they’re lost somewhere in the mix. With either scenario, ceramics are hard to miss, and hard to forget, once spotted.


Remember childhood with pottery sets? Making them, painting them, styling them in different spots? Well, even if you don’t, it’s never too late to start some version of that again!

Ceramic pieces are so much fun to layer, and a lot of that joy comes from their sculptural appeal – part rough-rustic, part sophisticated.

Here’s a game without any fixed rules – so gather together all the ceramic pieces you’ve come to love – tall and slender, short and stout, wavy and looped, with or without handles, and in splashes of your favourite colours. 

Layer them in segments, or spread out together. Have them stacked at the same levels, or at different heights.

They guide – and fix – the eye upon themselves, as it scans the room. Whatever their individual signature, they remain a comfort to the senses, so how could they possibly go out of style?


Look at the natural silhouette of your ceramic piece(s). Where could it fit best as a centrepiece?

It’s natural to assume so, but the centrepiece doesn’t always have to be in the centre of the WHOLE space. It can be what falls as the ‘centre point’ in another area of the space as well. Scale and perspective, as always, play crucial roles.

Try matching the silhouette of a hand-formed ceramic piece with that of a wooden or stone table. Could even be a shelf, or mantelpiece. The ceramic will uplift the styling of that area by appearing as though its ‘growing’ as an extension,, or by ‘rebelling’ against the silhouette of that base, if silhouettes are in head-turning contrast.


For bookends, and for end-tables. Functional ceramic pots, flutes, and urns, or interpretative accessories are effortless choices, in matters of choosing a finishing touch that has stand-out appeal, but is also neutral enough.

Depending on the size of the piece against the main furniture pieces in the space, you might prefer a set of ceramic corner tables that are also as aesthetic as they’re for practical purposes. 


Ceramics are as wholesome and striking in shades of black, rust, pastels, or greys, as they are in the more typical shades of the beige and ivory palette.

Matte and gloss or pearl-effect finishing on ceramics opens the door wide for playful experimentation. It’s a fresh layer of modernist detailing that doesn’t compromise the natural elemental beauty of the clay that has created the ceramic. 

Having said that, nothing truly beats a ceramic creation in its truest-to-Mother-Nature form.  Preferences continue to lean towards the charm of the ‘imperfect, incomplete’ lines and textural sweeps.

Some squiggly ridges here, a freestyle mound there, and motifs that look like they’ve been ‘patted hurriedly into place’ are delightful (sometimes welcomed!)  Disruptors in an otherwise very planned roll-out of pattern and textural play.


They’re capable of holding their own, but ceramics are great friends of other ‘finishing touch’ accessories.  

Need something to go with the pile of books or coffee and tea trays? Using fabric as wall art and need an ‘accent’ against the canvas? Perhaps the ceramic piece itself could make for a refreshing wall art option!

What about something like a simple and soulful vase, case, holder, or multipurpose ornament for meditation corners; where you might keep your ritual materials, candles and other aromatherapy essentials; or, other beautiful things borne out of the Earth, such as crystals? 

For absolutely all of the above, something in ceramic would be terrific!