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Colours help us translate emotions we feel so deeply, that they become hard to describe. We depend on tactile – or touch-feel experiences – for the same reason. 

Amongst currently dominant interior styling trends, sage green, and multidimensional textural plays are being celebrated for their ability to reflect life-like qualities and spiritedness. 

Serene grandeur of sage green

A blend of blue, yellow, and grey, sage green is increasingly popular for its restful energy. By its very essence, it appears to bolster a stronger psychological connection with Nature, no matter where we might be in the ‘concrete jungle’ of modern life.

There’s a ‘mossy feel’ to sage green, even in visual appeal. It has a grounding effect, and coaxes us to take a rejuvenating pause, during or after an overwhelming day. 

If you’re applying this colour for the first time and aren’t sure of how to do so, try using it to offset an existing white-grey colour story, in drapes, accent furniture, or cabinetry. 

Sage green is a popular contender for the ‘new neutrals’ palette

Base colours that make up sage green are cool, and warm.  In this ‘‘best of both’ character, sage green works beautifully with darker variants of its own colour family, and with creams, whites, and slight green-grey undertones for balance. 

In wall coverings, sage green gives an interesting twist on the more usual pastel, or jewel-tone hues. 

The transformation power of textured furniture 

We may not realise it, but textures can become the first point of engagement with a new product, or space design experience. The multidimensional magic is not only in combining different textures together. It’s also in the creativity of harmonising just the one texture, with the natural qualities of the product design for which it’s being intended. 

For instance, Katashi is our daily use, straight wing-back chair, crafted in sturdy steel with powder coating. It has been upholstered with a subtly variegated, textured fabric on the seat, and linen fabric on the backrest for smart-casual appeal.

Sora is one of our corner tables crafted out of sleek black marble. There’s seamlessness of silhouettes between base and tabletop, with striated texturing for subtle contrast, and natural polish for a refined finishing touch.

Similarly, the Hana table has ridged texturing on its broad base, offset by a smooth, elliptical tabletop. The entire look is inspired by accent pieces in turn-of-the-20th century bars, bistros, and speakeasies. 

Our Cane Side Table is a show stopper piece, individually, or as part of a set. The wood base is wrapped in flexible and durable rattan; the natural tones of which make a charming contrast against the flamed granite top. Ideal for infusing rustic, laidback sophistication into any space.

Why not blend sage green and texture play in ceramics….

For a modern twist to the ‘country manor’ aesthetic!

The organic vibrational energy of sage green resonates effortlessly with organic textures of hand-sculpted ceramics. Make an experimental concept, with sage green curtains or blinds in spaces where you keep ceramics stacked up – like pantries and parlours, work studios, or island kitchens.

You might prefer this with bed linens and cushions, which will resonate with any ceramics on your bedside table to style flowers and foliage – or to store wellness ritual essentials..