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wooden furniture

‘Exterior’ décor and styling is asking for new celebrations, and avenues of inspiration buzzing with fresh ideas. To say that we’ve newfound respect and love for our sea-facing balconies, hidden back gardens, chromatic lawns, or sky-hugging terraces would be an understatement. 

We’ve made a quick and neat compilation of some brands for outdoor furniture that you might like to check out!

Coco Wolf:

We love: The upholstered-back sofas.

Many of Coco Wolf’s raw materials are sourced from the marine industry, which we found very interesting and inspirational. Their innovative designs focus on practical, essential needs, such as drying time and year-long resilience to the natural elements, or wear and tear with usage. Founded in 2014 by a talented New Zealander couple now based in London, Coco Wolf is a well-loved, stand-out name in sustainable outdoor furniture design.


We love: That there’s a splash of colour that brings the kids out to play!

Spotlight on the Agatha Chair, designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, as part of Vondom’s first collection for children. The shapes are described as ‘simple, sweet and refined,’ with ‘youthfulness, innocence and spontaneity.’ Frankly, we adults want one too!  Available in basic matte, lacquered, and two-toned polyethylene finishing, the Agatha chair is impact-resilient, as well as resistant to UVI Factor UV8; equivalent to 8000 hours of sunlight in Florida.

Special-mention accent chairs for adults: After seeing the Agatha chair, we did take a deep-dive, and found the Kimono Chair and the Biophilia Chair really holding their own, with their modern graphic and organic sculptural design.


We love: The unearthed-undisturbed stone and wood story for table tops. 

A laudable example of Arhaus’ ‘Commitment to the Earth.’ Where else would such a table feel at home, but outdoors? As described by Arhaus itself, their Saddle Table features petrified wood from fossilised trees, with a top that was buried under practically unfathomable layers of mud and ash. It has been hand-selected from volcanic terrain in the Philippines, hand-polished, and then paired with a solid iron base to complement that rugged, resilient beauty.

Special mention: The Faymont hand-knotted rug crafted in collaboration with Jaipur-based artisans. May drape very well in shielded, semi indoor-outdoor spaces. 


We love: The very thoughtful and tasteful tree-trunk inspired cork vases, outdoor rugs, gazebos, and garden partitions. 

Roda is increasingly popular internationally for its subtly mimetic approach to all aspects of outdoor design. While all furniture categories are admirable – including the outdoor kitchen – we like that time, attention, and creative energy was dedicated to ‘complements,’ as Roda describes them, the smaller decorative details that can make all the difference. The mimesis-inspired aesthetic  isn’t just about ‘mimicking’ nature by placing accessories in one place over another. It’s about finding ways to use natural materials, or incorporating Nature-inspired colours, textures, and shapes as a seamless extension of the surroundings. 

Royal Botania

We love: The industrial-sleek and chic options in metal, particularly sun loungers.

A great example of the brand’s ‘aesthetic engineering,’ the sun loungers with swooping curves and sharp angles are stackable; and come in stainless steel, or aluminium frames. 

‘Ingenuity, modularity, conviviality’ is the motto for the Belgian family business, Royal Botania’s iconic outdoor furniture collections. We’re at home with the way they combine finesse and functionality, and draw inspirations from the fluid shapes found (almost anywhere) in Nature. Same, same, Royal Botania! 


We love: The Mediterranean-feel roll back and rope detail outdoor bar stools.

Since 1964, Spanish family business Kettal has dedicated itself to timeless, innovative, and ‘expressive’ design outdoor furniture. Having acquired Hugonet, Triconfort, and Evolutif, it came together as GruppoKettal. Kettal continues to work with significant names in the international design arena. 

True to the essence of their origin story, they also maintain serious respect for the environment. What we really applaud is the use of eco-friendly paint, as well as ‘Terrain Elements,’ the first fire retardant acrylic fabric range for outdoor or indoor use. ‘Light, soft and warm,’ the fabrics are washable, colour-fast, and resistant to mould, harsh sunlight, or chemicals.