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This reversible embroidered bed linen set features a king size bed cover, and a set of 6 cushion covers. The inventive juxtaposition of dip-dyed linen and velvet, Damask-inspired and geometric motifs, along with traditional ​aari​ embroidery techniques spells everyday opulence; tempered by the monotone warmth of a sunset orange, merlot, and milk chocolate colour palette. An ideal combination to romance winter woodland fantasies or summer evening reveries with a special someone, which lends this bed linen set sophistication for every season.

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Each piece across our various collections, is inspired by a different aspect of Chanya Kaur’s narratives on architecture, art, interiors and lifestyle. This assemblage presents our favourites from across the board. Each selection is distinctive in its own right, with a deep-rooted appreciation for understated luxury, elegant simplicity, Indian craftsman and sleek minimalism. Contrasting yet balanced hues, dynamic textures, eclectic fabrics and neutral palettes, come together in the ultimate display of soothing style and effortless design. Explore all of our beautifully crafted favourites for minimalistic interior design solutions, under one roof.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm


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