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This month, fashionista and lifestyle tastemaker Prerna Goel visited us for inspiration to give her room a fresh update with timeless minimalism, understated sophistication and quiet luxury. As she browsed through the floors of our concept store and design studio, she selected sets of elegant pieces curated by Chanya Kaur. Choosing a neutral colour palette with minimalist lines, the style maven created a space in her home that’s the embodiment of tranquility and serenity.

We spoke to the style maven to learn more about living a tasteful life at home.

How would you describe your home?

It’s very simple and elegant with clean lines, muted tones and unique pieces…something very similar to the overarching aesthetic of The Pure Concept Home. I’m not very fond of clutter, so you’ll find a lot of open space here.

What was your vision when styling it?

I made sure every room was in a neutral colour, which would work as a canvas to accommodate and move around other pieces, colours and textures in future. Comfort was also key—I didn’t want to think about ruining something before sitting down; I wanted to be able to kick back and relax without a care in the world at the end of the day! For a home to blossom, you need to enjoy it; and to enjoy it, you need to use it; and to use it, you have to make it friendly so that it forms its own character over time.

What is your favourite part of the home?

Definitely my TV room—I spend a lot of time there—and also my own room, where I often meditate. And, there’s always my terrace—especially in a city like Mumbai, where space is a novelty—where I have a white charpai that always makes me very nostalgic, paired with Moroccan rugs.

…and something in the house that’s most sentimental to you?

I’ve collected many pieces over the years—especially through my travels—all of which tell an interesting or sentimental story. I don’t believe in picking up something just because it’s meant to be fancy; it should always evoke a feeling of nostalgia. I have a trunk—gifted by a friend in Jaipur that was initially half-broken with no colour—which serves as a spot in the corner for placing my books and flowers, lending a Parisian charm to the apartment. It’s very important for every piece in my home to have a sense of belonging to the space, while weaving into the story of everything around it.

What is your advice for collecting pieces for a home?

Don’t get everything in one go—travel, visit interesting places and pick up objects that tell stories that echo similarities with your life. Less is always more irrespective of the size of your home, and every piece you collect should have and add character to the home. You’ll share your home with these pieces throughout your life, so it’s important that they’re a reflection of you.