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Earthy, Elegant, Easy on the Senses.

By its very nature, timeless, ‘minimalist’ beauty doesn’t have to try too hard to be relevant. That’s why our Studio loves ceramic as a design material. It just continues to mould its long and eventful journey through time in humble, simple elegance.

The ceramics range you’ll find at The Pure Concept Home has been especially designed and curated for the brand.

There’s inspiration and love, in the way Chanya Kaur, our co-founder of The Pure Concept brand, and founder-creative head of The Pure Concept Home and Design Studio, describes them:

These hand-sculpted ceramics have shapes that are either inspired by classic geometry, or fluid whimsy. It’s not just the material that’s earthly. For me, these shapes also bring to mind the organic ‘designs’ we see out in the natural world. The hand-sculpting seems to establish a harmonious connection between Nature’s instinct, and Man’s practiced skill, and you can feel them meeting in the texture somehow. I think that’s beautiful.”

Decorative accessories free of ‘noisy’ design

In this fast-paced, technology driven world, the colour palettes and unglazed textures of these ceramic pieces take us back to our origins, inspiring us with their blend of rawness, and functionality.

Think cooling neutrals in light beiges and gently ‘electric’ grey-blues, inspired by the land and skies. Add pristine whites, muted ivory tones, or even a touch of mother-of-pearl, if the piece catches just the right amount of natural light, at the right time!

Simple table makeovers – anywhere.

Be they for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, or home-offices.

Use these ceramics for a touch of fresh, unpretentious confidence, just as they are. A quirky pot, here, an urn or a jug, there, in its inviting, softly-rounded glory. They can be useful for storing everyday essentials, too. In keeping with the natural charm of the ceramic itself, we do love a delicate spruce up with leafy twigs and florals. 

Maybe it’s not an idea that comes to mind straightaway, but some of our team members have found these pieces to be very meditative to gaze at on a sultry day! You, too might find just the right design for your modern ‘Zen-Den’ corner.

Last, but not the least…

Artisan made ceramics can be just the gesture of love and care you seek for a loved one, because it’s hard to go wrong with them.

These are fragile times, still. When we share something practical, useful, with people we care about; it’s our way of saying that we only want to make everyday life a little more cheerful, and comfortable for them. Again, the neutrality and versatility of these ceramics comes to the forefront, making them relatable for a wide range of personal preferences, in an equally wide range of contexts.