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furniture 2022

“You’re in my spot,” said Sheldon Cooper to practically everyone he ever met, in the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. A cross between factual observation, and a warning. That spot – in the one corner, on the one and only sofa in the apartment that he shared with his best friend, and fellow physicist, Leonard Hofstadter – blended details for Sheldon’s personal definition of perfection, protection, and comfort in every season.

What  are some of the current detail trends that can make furniture absolutely perfect for the rest of us?


There has never been a time when the beauty, and versatility of responsibly sourced wood hasn’t been appreciated. Life during the pandemic has drawn all of us closer to the reassurance of its natural durability and strength. 

The popularity of teak and oak wood has skyrocketed, not just because they’re as invincible as they’re attractive, but teak can also take on a natural dark finish over time; one that keeps us coming back for more of a touch-feel experience.

Ash wood is usually lighter in colour. It’s also incredibly durable, which makes it a great choice for furniture that needs to be moved about frequently because of the nature of activities around it.


Perhaps a word first, on the ‘foundational’ geometrical shapes. Squares and rectangles are error-proof choices, especially if tastes are more traditional. Triangles, tripod-like arrangements or the more elaborate hexagons are best as striking centre stage pieces, or accents. 

Arcs and all combinations of curvilinear shapes are here to stay. Circles, crescents, or the more abstract forms – like a wavy tabletop – are better appreciated when they’re away from walls, or other pieces of furniture ‘stuck’ to them. They also need the spatial freedom to ‘breathe’ because their ‘softness’ is a natural invitation for people to gather around them.

The less complicated the composition of the polish, the better. We reckon interior design astuteness is better invested in choosing wood that has a naturally beautiful grain and texture, so that the polish increases its charms, instead of camouflaging them. 

Matte, or high gloss finishes are a matter of personal preference. While matte finishes have been more popular, we can expect some mixing of the matte and the glossy – for dimensional textures, and also a fresh perspective on what a ‘calming’ finish can be.


Many Indian households have a particularly sentimental attachment to terrazzo. For some, it brings back memories of the flooring in a childhood home. Perhaps someone’s grandparents’ home has terrazzo table tops, stairs, or even some beautiful  wall art. 

Then there was that terrazzo with fascinating parallelograms, connected to each other with ‘spider-leg’ angles. How modern graphic, and in that way, truly timeless.

Why, so many people probably refuse to change the olden-day terrazzo detailing in their homes! 

At the same time, low height terrazzo tables are very popular, for that design has an almost immediate relaxing effect. It’s informal yet refined, and doesn’t   pretend to be anything it’s   not. Perfect for comfy, cross-legged conversations with people we’ve known forever. 


The surrealism of abstract shapes is in its own league and has its loyalists. We love it too! 

But then, what about coming back to ‘square’ one…. There’s undefeated neatness in the lines and angles of a geometric lattice or mesh, or checkered design; in keeping with modernist vocabulary – the matrix design. 

If made with patience and precision, the matrix design can feel at home within almost any structure. It looks sophisticated, but isn’t intimidating, especially if fashioned out of a simple and loving material like wood. There’s hypnotic appeal, especially with clever placement in natural sunlight, or under ambient mood lighting.

If you like hosting intimate house parties, the combination of such a bar cabinet and day bed might be just the furniture refresh of the year that you’re looking for.


Any personal favourites can melt into oblivion before that cupboard, cabinet, or rocking chair that has been in the family for generations. Sometimes, if time has not been particularly kind, a piece may, sadly, not remain in the shape and form of its former glory. If parts of it can be reclaimed, then the design, look, and feel can be fashioned into something similar, if not identical, or even something entirely new. The result may be a spectacular surprise, and there’s much joy to be experienced because of the fact that some memories continue to keep us company.