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The way that we view and use our homes has shifted massively over the past couple of years. The pandemic not only forced us to find space for activities and tasks many wouldn’t usually do at home, but it also made us reflect on how our homes – and the things in them – make us feel. Now more than ever, our homes have become personal sanctuaries that many of us retreat to when we want to feel calm, safe, and comforted. But how can the way we design our homes make us feel these things?

Enter: minimaluxe.

So, what is minimaluxe, you ask? Well, it’s all about merging minimalism with a touch of luxury. Think clean lines, high-quality materials, and a calm color palette that whispers sophistication. Imagine coming home to a space that feels both uncluttered and indulgent, a sanctuary that says, “You can relax now.” It’s about creating an environment that helps you unwind and sets the mood for ultimate relaxation. Sounds dreamy, right?

Let’s explore how you can bring a bit of minimaluxe magic into your own home.

Start by creating a tactile space. Layer natural materials to add texture, warmth, and depth to rooms with neutral color schemes. Think bouclé and linen for your upholstery, rugged wooden tables, and durable materials like marble to elevate and ground your space.

It’s all about curating a gallery of your favorites without turning your home into a museum. Think of it as an edited showcase of your greatest hits. Unlike minimalism, which says “less is more,” minimaluxe says “more is more, but it better be good stuff!” So sift through your treasures, declutter a bit, and proudly display what truly sparks joy.

Sharp edges are so last season. Minimaluxe spaces are all about softening things up with curved lines and organic shapes. Imagine sinuous branches stretching out of round ceramic vases, oversized lampshades, circular tables, wavy headboards, and seats that hug you like a cozy blanket.

Now, let’s bring in a little wabi-sabi wisdom—because who doesn’t love a bit of poetic philosophy, right? Embrace those quirks and imperfections! The unique grain of a wooden table, the cozy creases in a linen curtain, or that brass faucet that’s aging like fine wine—all these elements give your space character and soul.

When you hear “minimal,” do you think of bare, boring spaces? Think again! Minimaluxe is all about giving your furniture space to breathe and shine. In a minimaluxe setting, every piece you own is chosen for its usefulness, beauty, and the joy it brings you. It’s like having a personal curator for your home, making sure each item earns its keep.

Isn’t it time your couch had its moment in the spotlight?

And here’s a pro-tip from the top-tier designers out there: space and light are your best pals. Even if you can’t knock down walls or install a skylight (who has time for a complete remodel, anyway?), you can still fake it till you make it. Opt for light colors and keep your windows au naturel or dressed sparingly to boost that light game. It’s like giving your room an instant facelift.

Remember, minimaluxe isn’t about creating a cold art gallery; it’s about sophistication with a snug twist. Layering colors, blending textures, and adding personal touches make all the difference. And don’t forget the finishing touches that tickle all your senses.