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Marble Myths

It looks good, feels good, but there are some typical ifs and buts that seem to get in the way of bringing that lovely marble home. Let’s look at some myths and let’s get them to bite the (marble?) dust!


In other words, there’s a bulkiness associated with marble which can be quite the turn off. But, those chunks and blocks are probably visual associations, with that of raw marble in the marble quarry.

The end product that reaches us is comparatively smoother, sleeker, and possibly custom-cut to suit modern lifestyle requirements. 

There’s an arresting quality to the structural design of a marble product. It’s usually a popular geometric shape; and one that blends in with the existing space, or anchors the rest of the landscape, or provides a captivating contrast.


Disclaimer: It wouldn’t be a myth that heat transfers from a warmer entity – such as the human body – to a cooler one, such as the marble dining table you’re resting your hands on. It’s certainly a myth that marble needs to be dismissed as a material of choice for this reason. 

Mood lighting can make all the difference. Allowing marble elements to be washed in natural light works wonders. If that’s not feasible, then soft white lights that run consistently through the space are better than spot lighting – the latter can feel ‘clinical’ or harsh. Further, if it’s possible to incorporate track lighting, and even that beloved chandelier, then nothing like it. These forms of lighting have a way of imparting a cosy glow.


Marble is a metamorphic rock. Undoubtedly, the dazzling metamorphosis emerges from a very high-intensity, high-pressure journey through the layers of the earth. 

We might say the process is rather typical – it’s geology, isn’t it. But, we’re celebrating marble as the timeless result of a typical process.  

It’s not a particular colour, but the frequency with which it’s used to define sections in living spaces, that makes it the defining type, or typical. 

As modern minimalists, we suggest ‘mild pops’ of a contrasting monochrome palette, one where the ‘pop’ is more from the depth and richness of the tint. These can be in the landscape surrounding the marble elements, or in the marble element itself, which can be in cinnamon-ruby-terracotta hues, or garden green, or glamorous black-gold.


When it comes to something as intensely personal as the design or styling of a personal space, subjectivity is king. At the same time, the advice of a seasoned professional offers a crucial perspective. 

Quite literally. It takes a practiced eye to see a space unfolding according to what appear to be its natural ‘angles and curvatures.’ 

Marble creates quite the impression even if it’s shaped as a pair of quirky bookends, a pen holder, tray, or a coaster for your coffee table. It can be just a surprise element in a predominantly woodwork-influenced design, or an inlaid pattern. 

In short, it’s all down to the fact that marble truly is an authentic beauty, a real gift of natural creation. 


How much do you really, really, truly love decorating your space? Maintenance and care is part of the deal, and like most other things, requires patience, consistency, and vigilance. 

Purchasing top notch marble is half the work done, in a manner of speaking, for such marble’s less likely to let you down. Ahead, daily cleaning entails using a soft absorbent cloth, and a warm water-cleanser solution. Or, perhaps, just a dry dusting. Any spillage or stain should be dealt with right away, or as quickly as possible. 

If in doubt, ask the professionals selling you the marble about care instructions.


“But it is!” Indeed, marble can be expensive, but maybe we can look at it more as a tasteful investment. 

Marble has the potential to be a modern heirloom. 

Let’s consider the fact that, if the long-term objective’s a space filled with ‘statement-making’ or ‘head-turning’ elements, then one spectacular marble design can do it all. We might not even need to think about spending more, on more.

Marble can be exceptionally powerful in its aesthetic message, and it’s happy to do all the work for us.