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The brightest (and softest) ideas are key to livening up any living space; they add a touch of decadence and signature style. By this I am hinting at your soft furnishings, of course. Upholstery, throws, carpets, pillows, drapes and more- they all play such an important role in uplifting lacklustre interiors.

Here are some tips to transform your space, by including distinctive soft furnishings in your home.

Cushion Chemistry

Mix and match some cushions to add the perfect eclectic touch to a drab space. Styling cushions at one side of the sofa makes the space less formal. Layer different sizes and shapes, so as to allow a distinctive selection to be seen all at once. For a plenteous look use feather filled cushions and remember ‘chopping’ them- it’s a way to plump the cushions, followed by creating an indent in the top of the cushion, with the edge of your hand.

Statement Headboards And Contrasting Bed Linen

Why should your bedroom be the least impressive room in the house? Introduce beautiful fabrics with statement head boards with juxtaposing bed linen. A bold print or embroidered fabric on the headboard with a striped bedspread, allows the eyes of an onlooker to rest, while drawing attention to the feature headboard. Another great example to assure you have a stylish boudoir is choosing a glamorous vibrant velvet headboard balanced by soft grey walls and bed linen.

Uplifting Upholstery

Need your sofa to make a statement as the central element of your living room? Pick a standout colour like a classic blue and use it to inspire the rest of the accessories in your living room. Accent curtains, a wholesome rug and a complimentary minimal coffee table like our ‘crispin Indigo’ one, would be the perfect additions to make a harmonious style statement. Neatly folded throws look beautiful on sofa arm rest or back, while a draped throw gives a more casual, lived in feel. Throws are stylish and versatile in their being, adding the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Bold Blinds

Curtains and blinds are the crowing elements of your soft furnishings’ escapade. Create a cosy atmosphere with soft solid colours and restful pastels like pale pink, mauve or green. Conjure up a happy vibe by using patterned curtain with lots of pop. Examine your space to see if rich, thick curtains will set the mood or if light sheer curtains with a breezy feel are the way to go. Pair the two for a versatile space that can be light and rich all at once.

Wonderous Wallpaper

Highlight hidden spaces with wallpapers that draw attention. The right shade or print can really make a corner shine without the need for a messy paint job, to create an unmissable impact. Bring overlooked areas such as the backs of bookcases or bathroom mirror walls to the forefront, and compliment them with flattering furniture or interesting hand towels and mats.

Changing or updating your soft furnishings is an easy way to liven up a room, without carrying out a complete makeover. Incorporating a standout colour scheme of vibrant hues or encompassing a space in soft pastels, can give your home the transformation it needs, without burning a hole in your wallet. Add to that bold patterns, subtle self-prints, shimmering finishes and eclectic exuberance, and you have a space that is markedly characteristic of your style.