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Whether it’s browsing through stacks of magazines or scrolling through mood boards on the internet, when it comes to home design and style we’re always looking for inspiration to plan our dream home or give our spaces a fresh spruce up. And, these days, we’re also turning to our streaming services to delve further into our love for well-designed spaces. Take a peek at our watchlists to discover your own.

Streaming on: Netflix

Travelling across the globe to meet several architects and homeowners, Architect Piers Taylor with actress Caroline Quentin (who also enjoys developing properties) explore how uniquely designed homes shape up against local environments, landscapes, climate and culture. From battling the elements to construct a dream home on dramatic Scandinavian terrain to celebrating glamour and over-the-top style in America, we are partial to the episode featuring India in the second season, where we’re taken into spectacular properties with daring structures that blend ancient form with modern design.

Streaming on: Apple TV+
When it comes to design, most of the inspiration we stumble upon are ideas and styles overseas. So, when Apple added a show on living and design to it’s tightly curated screening list which featured an episode with Indian architect Anupama Kundoo, we were sold! Showcasing her Wall House in Auroville, she illustrates the value, sensitivity and intuition in a craftsman’s hands, along with how indigenous materials can be used in new and inventive ways to create spellbinding homes to live in.

Streaming on: Netflix

Would you like to get into the minds of some of today’s most iconic designers to understand how they think and go about their creative process? In this funny and fast-paced documentary that feels more like a personal conversation with your favourite design hero, you’ll get to quite simply understand what they do and what makes them tick.

Streaming on: Disney+ Hotstar

For anyone who loves Bollywood and wants to step into the private spaces of their favourite actor, director, designer, stylist or tastemaker, this series—with Ashiesh Shah in the first season and Saket Sethi in the second—decodes how each owner designed their space and the thought or method behind it.


Main Image Credit: The Riparian House in Karjat by Architecture BRIO featured in The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on Netflix. Image courtesy Architecture BRIO